Hi from Mobile, Alabama.

We have 2 days here. Any tips on things to do, eat, drink, play?? Thanks!

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10 mile bike ride through Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores Alabama was lovely. #Albeachblogger

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YES. Alabama has beaches!

Several of our Australian friends did not know this. After 3 days visiting Orange Beach and Gulf Shores we can confirm there is a beautiful 32 mile coastline of white sandy beaches. Would like to come back with a group of friends and stay in one of these beach houses. Who's coming? #AlBeachBlogger

Yes or No?

The Rollin Thunder at Owa amusement park in Alabama is said to be the longest in the US with an 800 ft track.

It's very similar to Rip Ride Rocket at Universal.

Great fun but it had one of the scariest beginnings for me - a 15 secs slow vertical crawl. #AlBeachBlogger

Good morning from Orange Beach, Alabama.

Sun is shining and the weather looks warm again. Who knew that Alabama had such a long and beautiful stretch of white sand beaches? We didn't and have been impressed by Orange Beach and Gulf Shores! Nice and quiet here at the moment too! #AlBeachBlogger

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Great beach bar in Alabama - The Gulf at Orange Beach is built from shipping containers and the views over the water are awesome. And they do great burgers, tacos and grouper sandwiches! Check this place out! #albeachblogger

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Well that was fun! We just graduated from Sand Castle University and learnt how to build towers with turrets, windows, doors, arches, stair cases and more. Janelle from @Sand_Castle_University was our professor so check her out when in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama! #AlBeachBlogger

Lovely 10 mile bike ride through Gulf State Park in Alabama. Saw gators too.

Who loves eggs benedicts? We had breakfast at The Ruby Slipper Cafe here in Orange Beach, Alabama and one of their specialties are eggs benedicts on biscuits, not English muffins. Check out this hot smoked salmon bennie! #AlBeachBlogger

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Who likes powder white sand? Beach day yesterday at Orange Beach in Alabama and liking how white and powdery the sand is here in the Gulf Beaches area. And liking these beach houses. #AlBeachBlogger

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Would you rather go hang gliding or whitewater rafting?

Good morning from the Gulf Shores of Alabama. Our home for 3 nights is this delightful cottage by the beach. Looking forward to some beach time and exploring the Gulf Shores and Orange beach. Have you been? Any tips? #AlBeachBlogger #Hosted

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Today in Jackson, Mississippi was all about:

Cup cakes, Cookies, Cinnamon rolls, Ribs, Pops, Nitro coffee. And guitar lessons. We've been well fed :)


Went for a walk and stumbled upon the Mississippi State Capitol Building.


What is something that a ton of people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?

Love ribs?

Today's lunch in Jackson, Mississippi was at Bully's whose ribs have been featured on Food Network and their food ranked top 5 in category of Soul Food. And learn why Jackson is the City With Soul here: https://goo.gl/yvqThz Partnership with Visit Jackson, MS


Guitar Lessons in Jackson, Mississippi #VisitJackson

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Live from Jackson, Mississippi...

Blues night at Hal and Mal's. Lovin Visit Jackson, MS (Partnership) #CityWithSoul

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Who loves sundaes? And cool diners? Lunch today in Jackson, Mississippi was at "Brents Drugs" a former drug store turned into this super cool and retro diner. It's a locals fave for burgers, shakes and sundaes! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Savannah couldn't contain her delight over this hot fudge sundae! Who wants some?!
Partnered with Visit Jackson, MS


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Who is the best sports person to come out of Mississippi?

As a 49ers fan I am biased and will go with the GOAT, Jerry Rice. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum here in Jackson with Visit Jackson, MS. If you are a sports fan, go here!


This mornings breakfast in Jackson, Mississippi at The Manship.

Who likes duck? And home made sausage?
What about smashed hash browns? Here with Visit Jackson, MS


What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

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Beer + Cider + Food Truck + Live Music + Jenga + Family Friendly...

When in Jackson, Mississippi put the Cathead Distillery on your itinerary. And to learn more about why Jackson is the City With Soul, go to this link --> https://goo.gl/yvqThz


Who loves Jazz music?

Great venue in Jackson, Mississippi for lunch whilst listening to jazz - The Iron Horse Grill - they even have an onsite museum. Quickly learning why Jackson is known as the "City With Soul". Partnered with Visit Jackson, MS


Guess where we are? 😉

Good morning from Jackson, Mississippi. Here for the next 3 days to explore why it's the #CityWithSoul in partnership with Visit Jackson, MS

Any tips?

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Life Learning for kids

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Sal & Mookie's Pizza

Who loves PIZZA?

Check out this pizza we had tonight at Sal & Mookie's New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint here in Jackson, Mississippi 😀

#VisitJackson, #CityWithSoul, #JXNDocSeries

New Orleans trip

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Who wants to visit the French Quarter in New Orleans?

We loved taking a stroll and seeing the stunning architecture and balconies with intricate ironwork, beautiful gardens, lamp posts, and musicians busking.
Of course there is the party vibe of Bourbon Street, but we preferred the more family friendly Royal Street with its shops, cafes, courtyards, art galleries, and restaurants. This is what we saw.

5 Important Experiences on the U.S. Civil Rights trail in Montgomery AL

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As the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. It's rich with experiences on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail (sponsored content)

We loved learning more about this important time in history that changed the world. It was a great learning opportunity for the girls and for us to talk about what we can do to continue working for equality for all.

#USCRT #CivilRightsTrail

QUESTION - where in the world are you waking up this weekend?

Share a photo of your destination in the comments...

Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans - seen from the steps near the Mississippi River. The horse and carriages had gone home for the night, but so pretty to see after sunset.

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Have you ever seen an Alligator in the wild?

What about 2 cute baby gators like these? When we knew we were coming to Louisiana and New Orleans, a swamp tour was on our list of things we wanted to do with our kids, because that's one of the things LA is known for right!
On Wednesday we did a tour with Cajun Encounters Tour Company and spotted these two just hanging on the bank, plus other gators, wild pigs, tree snakes and cool swamp landscape. We've seen plenty of crocs in the wild in Australia before, but not gators.

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Who loves eating breakfast outside in a cute courtyard?

Yesterday in New Orleans we enjoyed a delicious breaky at Brennan's Restaurant in the French Quarter in this gorgeous courtyard that made us feel like we were in Paris.
We had a yummy meal of: crayfish omelettes, french toast, New Orleans style coffee, and their famous bananas foster which is original to them and includes; bananas, rum, cinnamon and brown sugar - it is cooked in front of you and is YUM!!! It is the most-ordered item on Brennan's menu. Put this restaurant on your dining list for NOLA...

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